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Selling carfax reports for 20
  Nitewin, May 06 2018

Bought a bundle and have a few unused ones. Can run car's official history with plate or vin number. Great report to have when buying or selling cars.

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Improve your poker skills by teaching me!
  Nitewin, Apr 12 2018

I used to be a winning reg but quit since black friday. I'm looking to learn the "solver" and how people are thinking of poker these days. The goal is to move to vegas or travel around to win a little playing live, for fun. Teaching is the best way to learn and solidify what you think you know, so teach me! : )

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How's the USA Poker Scene?
  Nitewin, Aug 22 2017

Anybody still playing poker in the USA, live or online? I want to play part-time for some extra income, willing to relocate if needed. Any advice?

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