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US Poker Taxes Question
  Nitewin, Dec 23 2020

If I'm playing poker in PA but still have residency in another state, which state do I pay taxes to? Technically, I'm just here temporarily. I don't have a bank account in PA or a license. Do I pay to my origin state or PA or am I responsible for both?

I know people travel to legalized states to play tournaments. If they win, do they pay taxes to the legalized state or just their home state?

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What's the % of completing a flush draw?
  Nitewin, Dec 12 2020

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Playing on Pstars again for the first time in 10y!
  Nitewin, Oct 08 2020

I moved to see if I can make some money here. The game sure has changed quite a bit. Can LP help me get set up?

What are the essential playing / training software?

I used to have Pokertracker, HEM, and Ninjatools.

What's the best hand history tracker these days? What's good for shortcut keys? Anything else? Like PIO or some kind of training tool? I saw one where you could input PIO trees to simulate hand quizes.

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